Issue Tracking Software & Web CRM



We offer services to help solve your web database challenges. Let us help get your system up and running.

Site Survey

Review where you're at in the process and which business processes must be automated

  • Inputs: Staff interviews, existing system review, system user survey
  • Output: Decide which route to take with your web database deployment

Needs Assessment

Many small to medium sized businesses are too busy to perform an adequate assessment of their Issue Tracking needs. We can help assess and prioritize your needs. 

  • Inputs: Your business priorities, issue management pain points
  • Output: Needs assessment report detailing which areas could most benefit from business process automation

Product & Licensing Selection

There are many options and considerations when choosing an Issue Tracking system. We'll tell you the pros and cons to each.

  • Inputs: Your IT capabilities and system requirements
  • Output: Licensing model recommendation (hosted vs site-installed vs leased)

Business Process Review & Documentation

We can get to know the details of your business process and help to document your workflows. This will streamline the design and development process.

  • Inputs: Your current processes documents or notes on how you track issues
  • Output: Workflows (flow charts) and process docs that detail how data moves through your organization.

Issue Tracking System Design, Development and Testing

We have years of expertise with issue tracking system development and in the EnterpriseWizard platform. By using our staff, you will greatly reduce your time to deployment, risk and overall cost. 

  • Inputs: Requirements documentation (spec)
  • Output: Fully functional system - ready for deployment

Web Site Design and Integration

The look and feel of your website is critical to your business. Our experts can either develop a entire website for your issue tracking system or we can create an issue management system that has the same look and feel of your existing website. 


Before you launch your new issue tracking system and automated business processes, you may need to provide your staff with some training. We can coach you through the staff training process or implement an entire training program for you. Issue Management System training can be customized to your implementation and then provided in multiple formats:

  • Interactive eLearning modules: provided on-line and includes embedded quiz questions and video

  • Instructor-led online training using GoToMeeting or Webex

  • On-site instructor-led training


We will work with you to keep your system running smoothly. Don't deploy an issue management that is critical to your business unless it's backed by a company who is willing to provide top-notch support. We will be there to answer your call and keep your issue management system on-line. 


Your business continues to evolve beyond the implementation of your issue tracking database. You may add new products, services, or sales channels and need to make changes. New functionally is continually being added to the EnterpriseWizard platform.  The power of EnterpriseWizard is its flexibility and ability to adapt to your changing needs. Of course, we will work with you to implement these changes as needed.