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Help Desk Software: Web Based vs PC


When selecting helpdesk software, companies are faced with an initial decision... architecture/installation type. That is, do you prefer:

There are many help desk software packages on the market. It can be almost overwhelming. Let's compare online/web-based helpdesk software to PC-based helpdesks.

Web Based Help Desk Software Advantages

There are several advantages to choosing a web based helpdesk software solution over a PC-based helpdesk. If you are installing your first helpdesk package, some of these may not be obvious.

End-user Access

If you would like to provide end-user access to your helpdesk, this can be easily accomplished with most web-based help desk software packages. If you have a PC-based solution, this is probably not possible.

Global Availability

Are your support teams and staff spread across the globe? If so, a web-based helpdesk software package is almost a must. On-premise web-based helpdesk software can be easily configured to work seemlessly across your company intranet/WAN. Of course, a hosted or Saas helpdesk software solution takes all the administrative hassles out of the equation. Either of these ensures that your helpdesk is available across your organization globally, unlike PC-based helpdesks.

IT Administration Effort/Costs

Web-based helpdesk software has a clear advantage over PC-based helpdesks when it comes to IT administration efforts. Every user in your organization already has the client software installed: a web browser! Great web helpdesk software, such as EnterpriseWizard, already supports all the web browsers on the market. The IT department simply has to install the software on the server (install in under 30 minutes with EnterpriseWizard) or choose the Software-as-a-service helpdesk option (Saas) for zero IT effort.

With a PC-based help desk system, the IT department must ensure that all those who access the software have the right software, PC hardware requirements, etc. Every time a user updates a version of Windows there's a potential for breakdown. Every time there's a new release of the helpdesk (patches, new features, ...) there's another outage - multiplied by each PC in the system. Ouch.

User Learning Curve & Satisfaction

Every one of your users is already accustomed to the web. Most users will use their web browsers many times per day. They know how to manage multiple tabbed browser sessions, they know what the buttons and pull-down menus look like and they know the difference between a combo box and a mutiple-selection radio button. The web is now its own user interface standard. This means users will quickly adapt to a well designed online help desk.

In the PC helpdesk application world though, the standards are not well enforced. The learning curve can be very steep as new users go through the pain of learning how to launch and use the software.


Let Adapt Data Solutions show you just how easy it can be to setup an online helpdesk. We'll guide you through the process and let you take EnterpriseWizard for a test drive. You'll be glad you did.


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