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Is it difficult to create a CRM/support dashboard?


Many companies like to use management dashboards to stay on top of CRM/sales and other issues. An effective dashboard is a great way to keep your employees informed of critical issues within the organization. The idea is to get the best charts you have and keep them at hand for your staff to drive improvement.

However, many CRM solutions don't offer any means of creating custom dashboards. Others offer a way to do it through an API available to create custom code.

EnterpriseWizard allows users to create CRM and issue tracker dashboards easily - no custom code required. Check out this comparison between Microsoft CRM dashboard creation and EnterpriseWizard. I think you'll agree - code-free dashboard creation is the way to go.

Adapt Data Solutions can help you build a great looking CRM and issue tracking (tech support, repairs, quality, supplier data, etc.) system for your staff which includes easy to customize dashboards. Contact us to setup a demo today.


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