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What is web customer support?


Web-based customer support systems such as EnterpriseWizard CRM allow companies to provide a number of services to their customers which increase customer loyalty. An online customer support tool allows customers to easily find information or request services using a web browser.

Best-in-class web customer support systems allow companies to improve profitability (through increased sales and reduced support costs) and improve customer satisfaction.

A carefully designed and properly deployed web-based customer support system can offer multiple features to build customer loyalty:

  • eLearning - Online training modules. Use tools like Adobe Presenter to quickly create quality training modules related to your product or service.
  • Customer profile: Your users can view/update their customer contact data online within the web support system. That's true CRM customer contact management.
  • Technical Support: By embedding a tech support system within your web customer support portal, your customers will be able to search FAQs, ask tech support staff questions, and quickly find the answers to get back online.
  • Online Repair Status: If your customers must return their products, an online repair submittal / status system embedded in the web-based customer support system makes sense.
  • Product Downloads: Software updates and user manuals can be easily added to a webpage for customer download. However, there are a number of advantages to embedding a download tracking system within a customer support system/CRM. 
    • Track which specific users have downloaded a particular version of software or document. This can be important if you must release a critical patch to only users with a certain version.
    • Detailed download statistics that would be otherwise unavailable. For example, if you want to know how many users in Brazil who have purchased product X within the past 5 years have also downloaded update version 1.5 you can quickly get this information.
    • By placing the downloads within your web customer support system, you restrict access to only registered owners of your product.

Adapt Data Solutions has successfully created many feature-rich web customer support solutions like this. Contact us for more information.


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