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FAQ CRM Web based CRM vs. Outlook based CRM


Web based CRM vs. Outlook based CRM


Web based CRM vs. Outlook CRM

Small businesses sometimes rely on Microsoft Outlook CRM plugins to manage their customer contact data. While there is nothing wrong with this, these folks often fail to realize that they are only getting part of the benefits of CRM. This FAQ will attempt to address the questions that arise when comparing Web Based CRM to Outlook CRM.

What is a Web based CRM solution?

Web CRM solutions allow businesses to use web-browser based tools to track customer/sales information, improve customer loyalty and increase profits. Web based CRM packages allow businesses to worry more about running their business and improving sales/profits rather than maintaining customer contact records.

What is an Outlook CRM plugin?

Microsoft Outlook CRM plugins allow users to manage customer contact records and sales information through Outlook. Advanced Outlook CRM plugins (such as Avidian) allow users to easily manage contact data, enter sales opportunities and even generate quotes.

Do any Web CRM Solutions include Outlook Integration?

Yes. Some web-based CRM solutions (EnterpriseWizard) do allow users to synchronize the contact information found in the online CRM with their Outlook installation. This gives the users the best of both worlds.

Web CRM vs Outlook CRM Comparison

This table compares the features of Web CRM solutions versus Outlook CRM plugins.






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