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FAQ CRM How does SaaS CRM compare to on-premise CRM?


How does SaaS CRM compare to on-premise CRM?


Software-as-a-Service CRM vs. On-Premise CRM Comparison

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) paradigm has grown in recent years as businesses realize its benefits. Many companies are moving from a procure, own and maintain software model towards Saas: a web-based, zero-maintenance, subscription-based model.

Although it's still quite early in the race to provide SaaS applications to the masses, some companies are working hard to move customers away from the old model to the new. For example, Google offers "Google Apps", a web-based alternative to Microsoft Office. Companies like iBackup and Mozy offer SaaS-based system backups.

Advantanges of SaaS CRM

There are several advantages to a SaaS CRM solution:

  1. Access the data anywhere, anytime.
  2. Subscribe to the system rather than purchase software upfront.
  3. Low cost.
  4. Zero maintenance.
  5. Shared data.
  6. Fast deployment.
  7. Rapid innovation - software is always up-to-date with the latest features.

Disadvantages of SaaS CRM

For some companies a SaaS CRM solution may not be a good fit:

  1. Trust.  The SaaS model requires trust of the company hosting critical company data.
  2. Expectations.  Those companies who believe that a Saas CRM will be a magic bullet and solve all issues without also reworking their processes and training their staff to effectively use the tools will be disappointed.

Adapt Data Solutions offers both SaaS (Hosted) CRM and On-premise CRM

We are one of the very few vendors on the market who offer both technologies. You may choose to try our products using the SaaS CRM (EnterpriseWizard) system on a 30 day trial or simply download and install the product on your local server.

Moving your CRM from SaaS to on-premise or from on-premise to SaaS is easy with EnterpriseWizard. We can do this for you in just a few minutes. Let us know how we can help.



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