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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is much more than simply managing customer contact data. Effective CRM solutions allow businesses to increase sales and customer loyalty. CRM solutions can be delivered either as on-premise software (installed on your servers) or as a service using the Software-as-a-Service CRM model known as SaaS.
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Web Customer Support

This category answers web based customer support questions.
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Quality Portal

Have questions related to building a web based quality portal using EnterpriseWizard? Need to create an online supplier portal for quality issues? We answer your Quality Management System Portal (eQMS) & Web Supplier Quality Management System questions here.
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Web helpdesks & ITIL

As organizations grow, their ability to properly manage internal help desk requests becomes complicated. Who is responsible for the issue? How long are requests left open?  Do we have the right resources to effective manage our help desk?

EnterpriseWizard is a great online help desk software package. With integrated chat, detailed reporting, workflows, FAQs/knowledge base, and much more - it can tackle any web based help desk software demands.

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