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EnterpriseWizard Demos

View the demonstrations below to see how you can use EnterpriseWizard in support, sales, and marketing environments and the advantages that the product will bring to your customers, staff, administrators and managers.

Support Manager

Your Support Manager will appreciate the power of EnterpriseWizard. Your support team will see an immediate improvement in productivity and your overall customer loyalty will improve. (12:57)

 Support Manager with EnterpriseWizard



Sales Manager

Sales managers will gain new insight into customer needs and perception with EnterpriseWizard. Using these features, your sales staff will be more productive... leading to increased sales. (7:52)

Sales Manager


Web database charting and reporting

How is your business performing?  Use real time information to keep things on-track and spot trends.  EnterpriseWizard supports graphical charts, Excel output, html reports - either direct from the interface or automatically emailed to your staff. (9:07)

Web database charts and reports to drive improvement



Business Teams & Group Level Security

With EnterpriseWizard, you can easily automate many of the daily tasks to streamline your teams. By managing group permissions, you can ensure that users only access appropriate data/controls. (3:05)



Business team automation with EnterpriseWizard

Staff Interface - Part 1

In this demo, you will discover how to edit an issue from the staff perspective, update user records and customize your staff user interface with ease. (4:03)

Customer support staff



Staff Interface - Part 2

Your staff can specify custom searches, perform mass edits and review detailed history. (2:34)

 Marketing manager



The EnterpriseWizard rules engine allows you to automate repetitive actions to ensure consistency. (4:41)

Database system: Rules



Workflows can be created in EnterpriseWizard to ensure that your web database includes alerts to certain conditions, data validity checks and much more! (6:20)

Web database workflow

Tables and Fields

Edit tables and fields and walk through the process of creating a custom table. (4:52)