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Case Studies in CRM and Issue Tracking

Adapt Data Solutions has provided several web CRM and Online Issue Tracking case studies that may be useful to you. Feel free to browse these case studies and don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.

Web-based CRM & issue tracking at a Fortune 100 Company...

Online CRM with Tech Support, Repairs, eLearning, Software Download Tracking

This paper describes the development of a web-based CRM system with tech support, repair tracking, eLearning and product downloads at a Fortune 100 company. This company (a leading supplier to the energy industry) was able to successfully replace a legacy SupportLogix tech support system in 3 weeks using EnterpriseWizard and Adapt Data Solutions staff.

The success of the tech support system and the adaptability of EnterpriseWizard led the team to extend it to include:

  • Web-based product repair system
  • Product download (software, manuals, etc.)
  • eLearning (online training modules delivered through the CRM)

Supplier Quality Management Portal

Stop letting supplier quality issues slip through the cracks!

A manufacturing company recognized a need to automate supplier quality management processes to solve a  number of problems.

The problem: too many supplier quality issues were not being managed properly. Emails might be sent to suppliers without follow-up. Unclear assignment/ownership of supplier quality issues meant that defective components continued to be a problem. Was it the responsibility of purchasing? The quality department? Manufacturing?  Supplier quality issues had become a problem and they needed new processes and an effective, web-based issue tracking system.

The solution to effective supplier quality issue tracking: Adapt Data Solutions and EnterpriseWizard.

By creating a web-based supplier quality portal they were able to:

  • streamline supplier quality management: suppliers are automatically notified of quality issues and "nagged" until they respond by simply clicking a link in an email and completing a form
  • improve visibility to critical issues (including the deployment of an effective supplier quality dashboard and scorecard)
  • dramatically reduce the costs associated with managing records such as SCARs (supplier corrective action reports), NCMRs (Non-conforming material reports), Supplier Audit Finding Reports, etc.
  • improve overall quality and the effectiveness of suppy chain quality